Dr. Neel Haldolaarachchige

Educator and Researcher of 

Computational Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science

All the technological advancements in present-day human society depend on electron motion in materials. Electron behavior in solids varies as a function of correlation effects. All the physical properties of condensed matter systems are the result of electron correlations. If we can understand the electron correlations then we will be able to manipulate electron behavior in solids. This will allow us to manipulate and redesign all types of physical properties. This is far beyond our imagination of technological advancement in the future.

Dr. Haldo is currently
Assist. Professor of Physics at
Bergen Community College

Dr. Haldo is a condensed matter physicist and material scientist. He is studying electron correlations in condensed matter systems. To study these correlation effects, Dr. Haldo uses computational methods based on density functional theory (DFT) to simulate the electronic-structure.


Dr. Haldo is an educator and scholar of PHYSICS. Dr. Haldo's primary focus is on educating the next generation of science and engineering students. 

Physics is one of the very challenging subjects to teach at any level. It is very important to research and find out new methods not only to transfer physics knowledge but also to make the next generation students get interested in basic science subjects such as Physics. 

So, over the years, we have been studying some conventional and new teaching methods, and also we always investigating methods to create an active learning environment in the classroom. Another important aspect of physics education research is how to address the problem of shortage of physics teachers. In this aspect, we are interested in identifying students who like to become physics teachers in the future and guide them on that path.